30 oktober t/m 22 november 2014 zijn we met Various Artists en vijf studenten textielontwerp uit Gent onder gedompeld in de gewoonten en gebruiken van Mexico, maar ook in de techniek van Human Mathematics.

‘Human Mathematics is an artistic/alternative drawing methodology that serves to make abstract/mathematical art. Formal, factual, or personal data can be used in this technique to abstract information, or data into graphics. Subjective rules, and arbitrariness play an important role, which are influenced by time, space, and socio-economic context.’

Babs uses as maps of magnetic fields around the earth as the starting point for her work. Different maps are combined and connected to each other in a new drawing. This drawing represents the pattern for a textile piece, made with a homemade back-loom. The threads and colors are decided by personal rules during the weaving process. This ensures that this textile can only be made by a human and not by a machine.††

Het resultaat is deze expositie in Museo de Textile Oaxaca, Mexico.